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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Make Money using Clickbank Storefront and Ads.

CBProAds Description

CBProads is a membership advertising program that helps members increase exposure and sales for the affiliate products that they are promoting through the ClickBank affiliate network. This program offers members a way to advertise their affiliate products through a variety of ad venues; including banner ads, contextual ads and promotional widgets.

CBProAds Detailed Overview

CBProads is an advertising program that concentrates on generating a variety of ads for ClickBank affiliates. ClickBank is the most popular digital product affiliate network on the internet today, and it boasts thousands of participating product and service publishers and affiliates.

ClickBank affiliates often have a difficult time advertising the affiliate products from which they earn commissions. The standard way that most people promote the products that they sell as affiliates is through driving people to their own personal sales websites, which in turn contain links to the product or service sales pages. CBProads helps people to drive more traffic directly to the product or service sales pages.

CBProads is a membership site; you have to join before being able to take advantage of what they offer. You can join as a free member or a paid member, with the paid members obviously getting more benefits. As a free member, half the time the ads displayed by the program on your website will bring you direct ClickBank commissions, and half the time the commissions will be paid to the program itself. As a paid member, you receive 100% of the ClickBank commissions. This program even provides members with a storefront that has links to many ClickBank product or service sales pages.

CBProads generates different types of ads for its members, the code for which they can place directly on their websites. These ads will link directly to the ClickBank product sales pages, and members choose which types of ads they want to display. There is also a referral system in place, where members can recruit others to the program and earn commissions when their referrals upgrade to a paid membership.

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CBProAds Reputation

Feedback on CBProads is generally positive. The ads that they generate for members are reported to be effective, as long as enough traffic is being sent to the sites where the ads are placed. Members need to remember that traffic generation is their responsibility; the program does not provide this. When the traffic is steady, however, the ads can be a great help, especially for paid members of the program.

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